Maple Syrup Photo Gallery

~Mansfield Maple- Maple Shop~

Maple Shop Gallery

Our maple shop is located in Winooski, Vermont, and it the location where all of our maple syrup is bottled and our delicious maple confections are produced. Our shop is a beatuful, extremely clean 3,500 square foot facility consisting of warehouse, production and distribution space. Cleanliness and sanitation are paramount to our process and as such we utilize stainless steel equipment to preserve the integrity of our ingredients and for easy cleaning and sterilization, our concrete floors are enamel painted to eliminate dust and debris, and our team is obsessed with keeping everything as clean and tidy as it was when new. We strive to minimize our impact on the environment by utilizing clean burning natural gas to produce our products and heat our space (much of our heat in the wintertime is pulled off as a byproduct of cooking our delicious maple confections), by using energy efficient lighting and removing light bulbs from fixtures where candlepower is not needed (In fact all of the light fixtures in our production shop only use four out of six bulbs), by recycling and re-using all of the packing materials we can including re-using pallets and recycling waste, and eagerly seeking out ways to improve our process to lessen our impact both environmentally and socially. Take the tour here.

~Mansfield Maple- Sugarhouse~

~Gallery under construction... along with the sugarhouse~

We are currently building a new state of the art maple sugarhouse to handle the expansion of our maple farm. We recently added 450 acres to our 120 acre sugarbush and will be adding an estimated 20,000 maple trees to our current 5,000. We will be updating this gallery once construction is complete (mid to late summer 2014). We are extremely excited about this and will be sure to keep you posted!

~A Real Vermont Sugarbush~

Sugarbush Gallery

Our sugarbush is made up of almost 600 acres of Vermont Green Mountain foothills. The maple trees are spread out all over the property ranging from 650 feet of elevation at the lowest point to over 1450 feet at the highest. We utilize a tubing system to transport maple sap from the trees to the sugarhouse and every season tens of thousands of gallons of sap travel through many miles of pipeline. Small 5/16" diameter line runs from tree to tree and these dump into larger diameter mainlines to handle the flow of entire sections of woods. Some areas of the sugarbush are made up of gentle rolling hills, while others are made up of steep rocky cliffs. We have a network of roads and trails with which to access all areas of the property. The primary mode of transportation changes with the season with snow machine being the ideal choice in the winter and four wheeler in the summer. Running through our sugarbush are beautiful mountain streams and in several places we have open fields and beaver ponds. This diverse environment really forms a wonderfully complete ecosystem that is just perfect for wildlife and recreation. In addition to our own trees we also lease trees on a couple of neighboring properties. Located on one of these properties are the ruins of an old open air maple sugaring operation. You can still see the reminants of the old stone arch and the pans and buckets rotting into a century of leaf matter. We deeply love every inch of all of the forests, fields, ponds and streams and it is truly amazing for us to be able work this land and watch it change and evolve throughout the seasons and over the years. Our sugarbush is a living breathing organism in itself, constantly in motion as it seeks out its own natural balance. You can see images of our sugarbush here.

~The Wildlife That Calls Our Sugarbush Home~

Wildlife Gallery

We see a lot of wildlife in our sugarbush. Consisting of forests, swamps, fields and mountain streams this mixed natural environment provides an amazing habitat for a wide variety of wildlife. Everyday see amazing creatures on our farm ranging from the tiniest insects to small herds of White-tailed Deer. We work hard to minimize our impact on this habitat and cultivate an environment that is welcoming and condusive to the diverse array of animals that live beside. All winter long we see their tracks in the snow and are often distracted from the task at hand to enjoy their natural beauty. For us, simply working the land is not enough, we strongly believe we are stewards of these woods and have a stong connection with all of the animals that call our sugarbush home. View some of the wildlife we see here.

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